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My name is Stephanie Memory and I want to capture your life, replay it in your images, and help you tell your story for generations.

With over six years of experience, I offer my clients a professional approach and a great experience. Every shoot includes tips for preparation, a relaxed and comfortable shooting environment which will guide you through the process of capturing beautiful photographs that will bring joy for the years to come. 

A photograph will not freeze time, but bring it to life!

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Couples Photographer Muskoka
Maternity Photography

Photography is a beautiful investment to keep a memory with you for the rest of your life!

Family Photographer in Muskoka
Photography is a way of FEELING, of TOUCHING, of LOVING. What you have caught on film is captured FOREVER... It remembers the little things LONG AFTER you have forgotten everything.    
—  Aaron Siskind
Maternity Photography
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