Can you help choose a location for our session?

Yes. I am a frequent visitor to many public trails, parks and locations all over the Muskoka area. I love assisting my clients with choosing a location that best suits the surroundings they would like for their session.


Do you edit all Photographs?

Yes I do! It's actually my favorite part. Every image is hand edited, one at a time, without batching in bulk groups or using presets.


What if the weather is bad on our session date?

If the weather is bad, we will reschedule to my soonest availability. Overcast is actually great lighting for outdoor photography and we can always work with a light drizzle of rain. However this is Muskoka after all, and being flexible with the weather can be a huge part of my planning. I do the best I can to stay on top of the weather forecast and I will contact you if I feel like there is a chance of bad weather. 


What is the best time to have an outdoor session?

Generally for outdoor sessions it's best to take place early in the morning or early evening to take advantage for the best natural light for your shoot. 


Do you require a deposit?

Yes, I require a deposit on all photography services. The deposit amount depends on which session you have chosen. 


How long after our session will we receive our images? 

I make it a priority to edit your photos as soon as possible, and upload your images to a Google Drive folder which is sent to you within 2-3 weeks of your session. 


What should we wear?

I want you guys to be you! These photographs are meant to be a reflection of you so I always say, wear clothes that you love and are comfortable in. If we’re shooting outside dress appropriately for the season and don’t try and try and be too matchy matchy. Dress casual, whatever that means to you. I suggest avoiding crazy patterns and logos but love a POP of colour. If you would like me to take a look at your outfit choices before the session, you’re welcomed to send me some photos.