Wilson's Falls, Bracebridge

On this beautiful Spring day I had the pleasure of hiking Wilson's Falls in Bracebridge with my best friend. This is one of my favorite hikes right in the heart of Muskoka! I often refer to most of the trail as a magical forest. The pathway along the water is actually the bank of an ancient, broader, deeper river which explains the unique beauty of this adventure. The water levels are currently very high in Muskoka causing the surrounding areas to flood. Although the current has calmed in the last few days fast moving water is still predominant. 

Kealls Falls, Bracebridge - Rainy Spring day

There is a short hiking trail down the street from where we which leads to Kealls Falls. Every season since we moved in we take a walk through the what I like to call "magical forest" that leads to a beautiful waterfall. In spring the water levels are high. Most of the forest is still dormant but as you can see lots of vibrant moss grows quickly on the many fallen wet trees. It's truly a beautiful hike and I look forward to capturing it again in the summer!