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5 Awesome Waterfalls in Muskoka


Muskoka is flooded with waterfalls! Haha... When it comes to spring, excuse the pun.  Muskoka is filled with natural wonder and beautiful scenery. Take a walk to see one of these beautiful waterfalls. Some of these hikes are easy, a few are more challenging, but they all lead to scenery that's sure to make it worth the time and effort. With the autumn season just around the corner, there's no better time to get out and do some exploring in Muskoka!


5. Slater Falls & May Chutes - Fraserburg

Slater Falls and May Chutes is located down Fraserburg road. A scenic drive to this location leads to a hiking trail. Find the opening and you'll find nature's treasure! My favorite time of year to visit this location is fall in Muskoka. 

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4. Kealls Falls - Muskoka Falls

This smaller waterfall is located in the town of Bracebridge amongst the forest between two subdivisions; Covered Bridge and Meadow Heights. There are several different access points to enter the trail down to the Waterfalls. I recommend entering the trail located beside the Covered Bridge. It's the perfect place for a beautiful walk or hike any time of year.  

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3. Bracebridge Falls - Bracebridge 

As a local resident of Bracebridge I take pride in the sensational waterfall located in the center of town. These falls are hard to miss! Not only are they beautiful year round but a great place to go for a swim.

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2. High Falls - Bracebridge 

I've been visiting High Falls since I was a child. As a treat, my family would pick up some take-out, head to High Falls, sit in on the exposed bedrock to enjoy some family time. High Falls has three main gorgeous waterfalls that each offer a different atmosphere. The main waterfall is quite obvious and can be seen best after a short hike. The trail down can be a little more challenging in Spring and Winter so proper attire is advised. Located to the right of the main falls is second stunning waterfall! The third and smaller waterfall is located just inside what I like to call the magical forest, just south of the main falls. I call this area magical because I always get the most stunning photos from this location. As the sun shines down through the trees it's magninifent!   

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1. Wilson's Falls - Bracebridge 

This is my absolute favorite spot to get out for a hike in Muskoka. A journey on this trail will lead you past two stunning waterfalls. Depending on the current water level the large falls creates more sections of racing water falling over the bedrock. It's absolutely breathtaking! Although Wilson's Falls can be accessed from many different areas, the main and easiest access closest to the large falls, is located at the end of Wilson's Falls road. 

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