5 Gorgeous Places to Visit in Muskoka during Fall

Lets face it.. Muskoka is beautiful all over during the Autumn season. Personally it's my favorite time of year to get out and capture some stunning landscape shots. I hope you enjoy these locations within Muskoka as much as I do. Here's my list with #1 obviously being the best! 


5. Rosseau - Lake Rosseau

Lake Rosseau - Muskoka
Muskoka Fall Colours
Rosseau - Lake Rosseau

4. Port Sydney & Utterson

Utterson - Muskoka
Longs Lake - Muskoka
Fall Leaves in Muskoka

3. Bracebridge

Bracebridge - Fall Season
Bracebridge - Autumn Season
Fall Leaves - Rainbow

2. Bala Cranberry Festival

Bala Cranberry Festival
Bala Cranberry Marsh
Bala, Muskoka, Ontario, Canada

1. EVERYWHERE in Muskoka! 

Muskoka  - Autumn
Fall in Muskoka
Muskoka Photographer

My Favorite Spring Sunsets 2017... so far!

The days are getting longer which means so are the beautiful sunsets! For anyone that knows me it will come at no surprise that I've been out chasing the sun every chance I get. The saying April showers brings May flowers is pretty much a fact here in Muskoka. In other words the majority of days are covered with clouds and sporadic showers bringing nature back to vibrant life. Enjoy these beautiful views while I'm out capturing more!  :)